2018 Upcoming Legacy / Vintage Tournaments

40 Dual Shootout - Over $6000 in prizes!



Hope you guys had a wonderful 2017, and here's to an even better 2018! Look forward to tons of great Legacy tournaments with exciting prizes, just like this one!

Entry Fee: $60 (can be paid with store credit) You can pre-register at: https://www.topdecked.me/events/40-dual-land-shootout-w-6000-in-prizes/5a2e0c71-db1d-499e-88df-b09bdd4500a0
Doors open: 10am
Tournament Starts: 11am
Format: Legacy
Structure: Swiss with a cut to top 8

This event is competitive REL (decklist are required)

You can print decklist using the link below

https://www.wizards.com/ContentResources/Wizards/WPN/Main/Documents/MTG_Constructed_Deck_Registration_Sheet_PDF1.pdf or electronically submit your decklist through the Topdecked app

1st place: 4x Underground Sea or $1500 Store Credit
2nd place: 4x Volcanic Island
3rd place: 4x Tropical Island
4th place: 4x Tundra
5th-8th place: 1x Bayou, 1x Scrubland, 1x Savannah, 1x Taiga
9th -12th place: 1x Badlands, 1x Plateau (Cuz your're bad and this is the best you can ever do) I kid, I joke :)

13th-16th place: $60 Store Credit!

Hope to see you guys there!