MTG Pauper to Duals - 2K Pauper Tournament

March 11th, 2018 (Sunday)

Time to win some powerful, and expensive rares with your "just as powerful" common cards. Get ready for the first Regional Pauper tournament of the year with over $2000 in prizes!

Entry Fee: $25 (can be paid with store credit)
Doors open: 10am
Tournament Starts: 11am
Format: Pauper (MTGO / CFB Legality)
Structure: Swiss with a cut to top 8
This event is competitive REL (decklist are required)
You can print decklist using the link below

1st place: Underground Sea
2nd place: Volcanic Island
3rd place: Tropical Island
4th place: Tundra
5th place: Bayou
6th place: Badlands
7th place: Scrubland
8th place: Taiga
9th-16th place: $50 store credit
Savannah and Plateau will be given out as door prizes!